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Terry Wise


For 30 years, Terry has represented clients in buying and selling both commercial and residential real estate. What you may not know is that he has also provided consulting services to many of his clients during that time, and have recently formed a consulting division to meet the increased demand for these services. To accommodate this expansion, Terry has teamed up with real estate broker Dr. Philip Lindholm.

Here are some examples of different real estate issues we have successfully worked on

 Obtaining building, administrative use, and conditional use permits

 Processing and finalizing preliminary plats/Plan District Developments ( PDD)

 Processing and completing short plats/Boundary Line Adjustments (BLA)

 Comprehensive plan amendments

 RE-zones / text amendments / map amendments

 Code compliance resolutions

We work in conjunction with builders, architects, and engineers in planning, designing, budgeting, financing, and providing pre-build valuations for remodels, additions, and new buildings for both commercial and residential properties.  More recently, we have worked alongside prominent local law firms to provide expert testimony on behalf of land owners in eminent domain cases, as well as consulting for settlement agreements.

Terry’s extensive background and experience in land us and construction, combined with his many years as a real estate broker, makes him uniquely qualified to consult in such a way as to keep the whole picture in mind.

If Terry Wise & Associates can be of any assistance to you, your friends, family, or co-workers, please give us a call on 253-312-8360.


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